Q. Is this job is a career for me or just a job to sell products only and no chances of growth?
Ans…Good question.The job of a medical representative is now a day’s providing career to many capable peoples. It depends on your caliber, capability and will to achieve. You have the opportunity to become sales manager or vice-president in a company.

Q. Is there sufficient jobs available in this industry?
Ans…Pharma industry is growing at the rate of >20% in India and by 2020 it will cross 40 billion dollar business. Hence if it grows then it needs skilled people also. That is why you are here at The Professionals Gurukul to get skilled and trained for this job.

Q. Is there any surety of job after completion of course?
Ans...Yes...After completion of course you will be send to various companies for interview and your performance in interview and written tests their will decide your acceptance by the company.

Q. In how many days/months I will get a job?
Ans… It totally depends on the vacancies announced by the pharma companies and your performance in the interview; it may be within 1-2 days or within a month.

Q. Is there any surety of job length like government jobs?
Ans…Yes...Companies always needs performing employees for its growth. Hence your existence and your job length totally depend on your performance on achieving the given objectives.

Q. What support will the institute extend if I am not able to get a job?
Ans…We always motivate you to be in touch with us regularly, share your interviews learning’s and we will work on that to improve on those parameters, and again send you for more interviews till you have an appointment letter in your hand.

Q. Can I come to the institute after completion of courses also?
Ans…The Professionals Gurukul is always open for the candidates once they get themselves admitted in the course. Even after getting or not getting the job.

Q. What will be my salary or package at the start of my career?
Ans...At the start a medical representative is supposed to get a salary of 10,000 to 15,000 and he can earn incentives up to10, 000 per month. He is also supposed to get an expense for his daily work. So in totality he is supposed to get an annual 2, 50,000-3, 00,000 Rs.

Q. Can I go on my own and hunt for a job after completion of courses from your centre?
Ans… Surely you can. However we always provide you the chances of getting suitable job depending upon your caliber through our contacts with various pharma companies.

Q. Can I get a job in my home town?
Ans… It depends on the vacancy and your capability. However as an institute we suggest that you should be prepared to move anywhere in the country if the job is offered to you.