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Understanding microbiology, antibiotic, different disease patterns of human being with their causative organisms, some typical terms used in the pharma profession between the customers and medical representative…….and so on is very critical to your success in this industry. This subject is vast and there is no limit for learning. It keeps on increasing as you penetrate deeper and deeper in this learning process and improve your knowledge bank.

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Nevertheless, in this handbook we have tried to capture the basics which are very fundamental and important for medical representatives. While going through this handbook you will find the subjects, which are very much relevant to your day to day working and interactions with customers.

Believing on the concept of a true friend who can help anytime anywhere without any covetousness. Hope, you all will like this medical hand book as friend to be kept always in your working bag and get the help as and when needed.

I had worked for world’s number 1 pharmaceutical company i.e. Pfizer India ltd. For more than 18 years at different level of hierarchies at different locations. Company known for its knowledge and training base across the industry. This medical hand book has been designed based on my experience of interaction with different types of customers at different places and the learning’s from my seniors at Pfizer limited. At this onset, I would like to thank all my seniors of Pfizer who had played an important role in my life and because of their coaching today it is possible to come out with this handbook.